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Primavera Furniture (UK) Limited is the UK and Ireland Sales Office for Primavera Furniture Sp. Zo.o in Poland. We have been active in the UK market since 2010 with a full-service sales office available to all our UK customers from the very beginning. Our reputation is for reliability, value, great design and numerous modular options. EG: Most of our models are available as corner groups as well as sofas and chairs.

We are an efficient [effective], high quality, direct-to-retailer manufacturer, with our factory based in Barczewo, Poland. We are known as a White Label supplier in most of our export markets. This means that we do not promote our own company name in association with our products within the retail environment. We have a few of our own Primavera stores in Poland - supported by our domestic website - where we sell our products under the Primavera name. However, for technical reasons, most of the products on our Polish website are not available in the UK market.

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We are a trade-only supplier and have no infrastructure to deal directly with individual members of the public. This means that any consumers who contact our UK office or the factory directly, will be elegantly guided to their nearest stockist.

Our very best references come from our customers. We are now well established throughout the UK and Ireland, and any new customer will quickly be able to find a fellow, non-competitive retailer who is a Primavera stockist who will be able to give feedback regarding our products and service

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We do hope to hear from you.


The Primavera Team

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