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Our Fabrics

All our fabrics are sourced from preferred, carefully selected, European suppliers. Only a very small percentage of our fabrics are sourced through Wholesalers. Our preference is to deal directly with weavers, closely working with them with regard to design origination and colouration. With around 160 fabrics in our UK collection alone, we hope we have something to suit nearly all tastes and – of course - across our wide variety of different models.

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All fabrics can be used on any model and are available across several price categories. Our QC and Compliance teams carefully check each and every fabric before it is added to our collection. Such checks are for compliance to UK fire retardant regulations, optimal performance and suitable durability. These tests are carried out ongoing as spot checks from time to time, using only UK and European test laboratories. We ensure that all our fabrics combine beauty, with conformity and appropriate performance.  

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